Cartridge World Store Locator & Lead Forms

Cartridge World Corporate Website

My team was tasked with building the new corporate website at Cartridge World. My tasks specifically were to find solutions for the forms and store locator on the site. Cartridge World wanted both tools to be intuitive and simple for the end user to use. The forms and store locator would have to be sturdy enough to meet the demands of tens of thousands of users per month, but also simple enough for the marketing team at Cartridge World to use (read: not requiring mountains of code to perform small changes).

WordPress was the platform the team decided to use for the site, which already boasts ease-of-use for admin users, as well as loads of creative freedom for the design team to come up with a front-end design for easy use. As a front-end designer tasked with doing what I knew would be custom implementation, I chose to use Gravity Forms and WP Store Locator as base foundations, as both plugins have good reviews and documentation, plus lots of room for customization.

Building on the features both plugins already have, I developed custom features inside each. For WP Store Locator, I built out functionality for displaying their two different types of stores, customized the location pages heavily, and built out functionality for store breadcrumbs and product availability per store. For Gravity Forms, I used custom hidden fields to pass important information on to the CRM where the form leads are routed. In a few instances, I used custom logic to determine where to route leads based on variable fields that can be pre-populated based on the user’s cookies.

  • Customizing WP Store Locator plugin to provide advanced function for Cartridge World's needs
  • Managing weekly changes to store locations via .csv upload
  • Building out forms in Gravity Forms with custom logic
  • Gravity form integration to a custom admin dashboard

Client: CartridgeWorld

Skills: UI/UX design and layout of store locator and forms, customizing plugins with JavaScript/PHP, product testing

Release Date: November 2019