PaperCut Files website

PaperCut Files eCommerce Website

The small business PaperCut Files required an eCommerce solution for displaying their craft templates as products in a storefront. All of their templates (for the time being) would be free, but the client wanted the customers to trade their email for the free download. The business had a general idea at the beginning, and I helped to formulate a strategy for what bare minimum they required to start their online business. We concluded that the business needed help developing a branding strategy, they needed a website, and they needed to begin building a client base through an email list and social media.

To start, I created a business brand to help keep things consistent across all online spaces. The logo was to be simple but bold, creating a nice balance with the clean white simplicity of the rest of the branding. I set up the domain, hosting, email and WordPress install, then began populating the website with pages and adding products with WooCommerce. A custom cart configuration was set up to exchange a free download with the submission of an email address. The site was then set up to send emails to email lists in MailChimp. Lastly, the site went through final optimizations to have proper cache, security, and file compression.

  • Designed business branding and PaperCut Files website
  • Domain, server and email setup
  • eCommerce shopping cart integration
  • Website optimization and launch

Client: PaperCut Files

Skills: Technical consulting for business requirements, business branding, website setup, customization, optimization and launch.

Release Date: August 2019