West X Website

West X Website

My team was tasked with building a new website for a long term client, West X. My task specifically was to take a one-page mock up design, and extrapolate it into a fully branded website. West X wanted to move towards a more ‘techie’ look, and incorporate styles from their logo into the site. Additionally, they requested a few forms to pass lead information on to their CRM.

WordPress was the platform for the project, as the customer wanted to edit the site themselves and for the blogging capabilities. Between the mock up and the logo, I determined what the the branding and imagery would be like across the site. After some low-fidelity page mock ups, I set off building out page templates first, then filling in other landing pages with these templates.

Lastly, I built out the lead forms with connection to the client’s CRM, and spent some time optimizing the final product for speed before the site launched.

  • Extrapolating branding and design from a single page mock-up
  • Building website page templates
  • Form integration to CRM
  • Testing and optimizing site for speed

Client: West X

Skills: UI/UX design on landing pages, website build, form to CRM setup, product testing

Release Date: Q4 2018